Tirza with Sylvia Hoeks

Tirza (2010) is based on a novel written by Arnon Grunberg. Jorgen Höfmeester is desperately looking for his missing daughter Tirza (Sylvia Hoeks) and heading towards a brutal confrontation with the man who has been the undoing of his favorite child. Tirza was released on September 30th 2010. It is a coproduction between Cadenza Films and Fu Works. At the 2010 Netherlands Film Festival Rudolf van den Berg won the Golden Calf, the Grand Prix of the Dutch film, for best director for Tirza and First prize (Golden Dolphin) at Festroia Festival, Portugal.
Rudolf van den Berg's notes: After reading the novel I was struck with the image of this desperate white man wandering in the Namibian desert with the little black girl at his side. It is such a strong image. And a great story. The amazing thing is that within half a year of finishing the script the movie was fully financed. Never before in my career have things gone so fast.